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Martin C, Al-Qaoud KM, Ungeheuer MN, Paehle K, Vuong PN, Bain O, Fleischer B, Hoerauf A.

IL-5 is essential for vaccine-induced protection and for resolution of primary infection in murine filariasis.
Med Microbiol Immunol (Berl). 2000 Nov;189(2):67-74.
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PMID: 11138639


: Janzen J, Lanzer P, Rothenberger-Janzen K, Vuong PN.

The transitional zone in the tunica media of renal arteries has a maximal length of 10 millimetres
Vasa. 2000 Aug;29(3):168-72.
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PMID: 11037713


: Lascar G, Houissa-Vuong S, Martin B, Vuong PN.

[[Gastric heterotopia in the rectum: another case] ].
Gastroenterol Clin Biol. 2000 Aug;24(8-9):849. French. No abstract available.
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PMID: 11011263


: Janzen J, Vuong PN, Rothenberger-Janzen K.

Takayasu's arteritis and fibromuscular dysplasia as causes of acquired atypical coarctation of the aorta: retrospective analysis of seven cases.
Heart Vessels. 1999;14(6):277-82.
PMID: 10901482



: Martin C, Le Goff L, Ungeheuer MN, Vuong PN, Bain O.

Drastic reduction of a filarial infection in eosinophilic interleukin-5 transgenic mice.
Infect Immun. 2000 Jun;68(6):3651-6.
PMID: 10816524


: Cormier JM, Cormier F, Laridon D, Vuong PN.

[Horton's disease and aortic aneurysm: coincidence or causality? 5 cases].
J Mal Vasc. 2000 Apr;25(2):92-7. French.
PMID: 10804389


: Le Goff L, Martin C, Oswald IP, Vuong PN, Petit G, Ungeheuer MN, Bain O.

Parasitology and immunology of mice vaccinated with irradiated Litomosoides sigmodontis larvae.
Parasitology. 2000 Mar;120 ( Pt 3):271-80.
PMID: 10759085


: Vuong PN, Desoutter P, Van T, Houissa-Vuong S.

[Arterial fibromuscular dysplasia unveiled by a traumatic false aneurysm: a case report].
J Mal Vasc. 1999 Dec;24(5):377-80. French.
PMID: 10642651


: Vuong PN, Richard F, Snounou G, Coquelin F, Renia L, Gonnet F, Chabaud AG, Landau I.

Development of irreversible lesions in the brain, heart and kidney following acute and chronic murine malaria infection.
Parasitology. 1999 Dec;119 ( Pt 6):543-53.
PMID: 10633915


: Vuong PN, Cheilan F, Houissa-Vuong S.

[Pathology of vascular prostheses].
Ann Pathol. 1999 Jun;19(3):195-202. Review. French. No abstract available.
PMID: 10456193


: Janzen J, Vuong PN, Bersch U, Michel D, Zaech GA.

Bladder tissue biopsies in spinal cord injured patients: histopathologic aspects of 61 cases.
Neurourol Urodyn. 1998;17(5):525-30.
PMID: 9776015


: Albuisson F, Anger E, Baron V, Cartier I, Dorne H, Dubois-Gordeff A, Hassoun J, Jouannelle A, Labbe S, Locquet D, Marsan C, Martin E, Michiels-Marzias D, Molinie V, Mottot C, Mueller B, Vacher-Lavenu MC, Vincent S, Vuong PN.

[Guidelines for the evaluation of internal quality control of smears for screening of uterine cancer in France in the structures of Pathologic Anatomy and Cytology. French Association for Quality Assurance in Pathologic Anatomy and Cytology (AFAQAP)--Commission for cervical smears].
Ann Pathol. 1998 Jul;18(3):221-6. French.
PMID: 9750045


: Janzen J, Vuong PN, Gonties D.

Histopathological findings in a cystectomy specimen after six years of catheterisation.
Spinal Cord. 1997 Dec;35(12):860-1. No abstract available.
PMID: 9429266


: Breton B, Diagne M, Wanji S, Bougnoux ME, Chandre F, Marechal P, Petit G, Vuong PN, Bain O.

Ivermectin and moxidectin in two filarial systems: resistance of Monanema martini; inhibition of Litomosoides sigmodontis insemination.
Parassitologia. 1997 Mar;39(1):19-28.
PMID: 9419842


: Boulard Y, Coquelin F, Mora Silvera E, Renia L, Gautret P, Deharo E, Snounou G, Vuong PN, Chabaud A, Landau I.

Dendritic leucocytes as possible carriers of murine Plasmodium merozoites. Preliminary note.
Parasite. 1996 Dec;3(4):383-6. No abstract available.
PMID: 9033911


: Vuong PN, Bayssade-Dufour C, Mabika B, Ogoula-Gerbeix S, Kombila M.

[Paragonimus westermani pulmonary distomatosis in Gabon. First case].
Presse Med. 1996 Jun 29;25(23):1084-5. French. No abstract available


: Desoutter P, Vuong PN, Nguyen PC, Bensenane J, Chemla E.

[Aneurysm developed at the level of a femoropopliteal bypass with ex-situ venous graft 10 years later].
Presse Med. 1996 Jun 22;25(22):1039. French. No abstract available.
PMID: 8692790


: Vuong PN, Bayssade-Dufour C, Albaret JL, Farhati K.

Histopathological observations in new and classic models of experimental Schistosoma haematobium infections.
Trop Med Int Health. 1996 Jun;1(3):348-58.
PMID: 8673838


: Vuong PN, Marotel M, Zuccarelli F, Lagneau P, Gautier C.

[True popliteal venous aneurysm. 2 cases].
Presse Med. 1996 Apr 27;25(15):733. French. No abstract available.
PMID: 8685144


: Desoutter P, Vuong PN, Nguyen PC, Bensenane J.

[Spontaneous and recent thrombosis of tetrafluoroethylene vascular prostheses secondary to progression of atherosclerosis of the lower limbs. 2 cases].
Presse Med. 1996 Apr 6;25(12):600-1. French. No abstract available.
PMID: 8657680

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